Venue – Moscow, Setun Park Arena
Number of participants – 64 teams.

If necessary, the number of participants can be increased

Dates from 09.05.2018 to 13.05.2018
Exactly one month before FIFA World Cup 2018

All CFL 2018 matches will be held at the best stadium of the country for 8x8 football.
Setun Park Arena was specifically built according to the LFL project in 2014 to hold all-Russian finals, international competitions and organize regular competitions among TOP clubs of Moscow. Over the last three years, Setun Park has hosted two CFL seasons and is waiting for the participants of its third season, two final stages of the Russian Championship, two finals of the Moscow Championship, Champions League finals and other prestigious club tournaments. It has also become the training base of the national team for the World and European Cups. Setun Park is by far the most modern and equipped arena for 8x8 football competitions in Europe.

The organizing committee of the 2019 8x8 football World Cup in Russia includes Setun Park in the list of arenas claiming the right to host matches of the best national teams of the planet next year, along with the nomination of Luzhniki and the project of erecting a temporary stadium on the Red Square.

The participants of the Continental Football League 2018 will be the strongest 8x8 football teams of Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa and even America.
The General Assembly of the EMF (European Association) with the support of the WMF (International Federation) recognized the CFL as the main club tournament of 8x8 football in 2018, guaranteeing official support in the present and subsequent years.


In the beginning of this year, all inter-regional amateur football team associations of our country included in the structure of the Russian LFL were given the opportunity to add their leaders, champions and prize-winners of recent years, permanent participants of interregional competitions and 8x8 football tournaments in their regions to the list of clubs invited to CFL 2018. The most famous and titled clubs of recent years have been called to CFL 2018 directly by the organization committee of the competition. There were qualifying competitions under the aegis of CFL in several regions and inter-regions.
Several national and even international associations, such as CFL Asia, which unites the countries of Central Asia and neighboring countries, have also received the priority right to select and delegate teams for CFL 2018.

As a result, the CFL 2018 organization committee formed a list of 142 teams representing more than 70 regions of our country, as well as neighboring countries. All the clubs from the list expressed their interest in participating in the CFL this season and received recommendations from their Interregional Associations, Leagues, National Federations and the CFL 2018 organization committee and some of them went through a special sports selection.
The teams on the list have priority right to participate in the CFL 2018 season. To do so, their preliminary representative must be confirmed before April 1 and by April 15 their final application should be submitted to participate in the competition. A number of other privileges and additional opportunities extend to the teams on the list.
The CFL 2018 organization committee has not closed applications for Russian and CIS teams, but has asked them to send their application by April 1, which will then be considered within two weeks.

CFL is special by being an international competition and along with the strongest domestic teams, clubs from neighboring countries and teams representing distant countries and even continents shall take part in it. The competition organization committee ensures that as many foreign guests as possible will be present at CFL 2018. And we are expecting a large number of teams from overseas this year. Their preliminary list will be published on April 15th and the final list on the April 25th.


Entrance fee for participation in the Continental Football League for Russian teams:
                  - 70.000 rubles – For Russian visiting teams on the list;
                  - 180.000 rubles – for teams of the Moscow region invited to the CFL;
For teams from other countries:
                  - 1.000 euros - for teams from the CIS and European countries;
                  - 1.000 dollars - for all other foreign teams.
These financial terms are preferential and only apply to teams on the list and foreign teams. For all other clubs wishing to take part in the CFL 2018 season, it will be necessary to consult the organization committee of the competitions on financial terms.

Payment terms until 15.04.2018
Teams that have not paid the fee before this date will lose all privileges and their participation in the CFL will depend on additional guarantees.

All Continental Football League matches will be broadcasted live. All the fans will be able to support their favorite team, even those who could not come to Moscow. All CFL 2018 matches will be available on LFL TV, both live and pre-recorded. The LFL TV archives already hold hundreds of broadcasts with all 77 clubs who participated in CFL 2016 and CFL 2017. CFL 2018 will be advertised by other media, including our media partners:,, Football Revue and Final negotiations are being held with the federal sports channel Match TV about broadcasting the main CFL matches on their channel.
Our friends, as well as commentators of previous CFL games: Konstantin Genich, Vladimir Stognienko, Vasily Utkin and Alexander Bedarev are expected this year in the commentary room of Setun Park. A large team of journalists and other specialists will work on media and statistical coverage of CFL matches. The total staff amounts to more than 50 people.
A total of more than 200 specialists of the highest level will be involved in the organization and hosting of CFL 2018.
CFL Partner - the world leader in football analysis, InStat will raise the level of analytics of CFL matches to world standards, previously only available to professional football leaders from other countries.

          Only the best Russian 8x8 football referees who have passed certification in the most status-worthy competitions in this format, who have a huge experience in presiding over matches in 8x8 football and with professional category of at least 5 * (all-Russian) will be invited to preside over the CFL matches.

The best CFL players traditionally join the national team for amateur football. The best Russian amateur footballers, who passed the test of the strongest club league in the world, subsequently won two European Championships and the World Championships for their country, making Russia the most titled country in amateur football. The hall of fame of CFL, bears the names of 26 football players and coaches who have ascended from being CFL participants to the title of world champion or European champion.

          As from this year, the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation has recognized the new discipline of football 8x8, aligning our native format with all other official sports and thus opening new horizons for yesterday's amateurs, including getting the titles of masters of sports. And the CFL is recognized as the strongest football competition among fans not only in Russia, but all over the world.

The coaching staff of the Russian team plans to review all the CFL matches and select worthy candidates to strengthen our national team before going to the World Cup of 7x7 football in 2018 in Brazil (December this year).

CFL member teams are offered a 50x50 discount program that provides 50% discount for all CFL advertising packages for sponsors and partners of the team that (discount) belongs to the team and is spent at its discretion: it goes to the team or returns to the sponsor.

Teams that come to CFL will be offered various accommodation options in the capital. From very cheap accommodations at a walking distance from the stadium to prestigious accommodations in the heart of Moscow.

The tradition which started in 2017, when along with male players, beautiful girls in the cheerleading support groups competed with each other will be made official this year.
Both the male football teams and the cheerleaders will be invited by one of Moscow's best nightclubs to party (the final stage of negotiations is underway).

Apart from the adult CFL, Children's CFL will be held. The president of the Children's LFL, famous Russian football player, Alexander Panov, who himself passed the test of the strongest club league in 8x8 format, will gather the most worthy kid teams of Moscow in Setun Park and, of course, invite teams from other cities.

Additional programs are being prepared, including sightseeing for all guests of the our capital.

Many of the upcoming CFL events are kept secret by the organizers, hoping to surprise numerous participants and guests of the great football festival with pleasant surprises.

During the CFL, the doors of Setun Park will be hospitably opened for its guests everyday. We expect a large number of famous and very important persons.
CFL will become a platform for communication for the leaders of the most popular football leagues and sports associations of our country and national federations of other countries.
The medical cabinet of the master of football medicine, Yuri Vasilkov, will be open every CFL day, where he will be ready to give professional advice to amateur footballers.
Trainings and master classes will be organized for everyone who wants to improve their professional horizons in the field of management and organization of competitions, refereeing, marketing, PR, IT, TV technologies, construction of specialized stadiums and other areas of amateur football.

We are confident that such an event as the Continental Football League will be the brightest football event in amateur sport of our country and possibly the whole world! That is exactly how specialists are already assessing us two and a half months before the launch of CFL 2018.

For more information on CFL 2018, please call the organization committee:
+74956484485  and   +79104365384          
Or by e-mail:

Yours sincerely,
Chairperson of the Organization Committee
Continental Football League 2018                                                                                                   

D.Y. Smirnov